Start of Saanich Peninsula Diet

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I got started Tuesday on my extremely local foods diet, feeling a bit anxious about it.  I had been at the Saanich Fair all weekend and wasn’t feeling at all organised to pack a lunch to take to work with me.  I ended up stopping at Deep Cove Market and picking up a couple of Silver Rill corn on the cob which were delicious.  Most mornings I have eggs for breakfast, so that’s super easy.  No change needed there. I had Lemon Balm tea.  For dinner I had a lovely patty pan squash that I had picked up at the Glamorgan farm stand and some turkey sausages from Kildonan Farm.  Delicious!

I was feeling tired and headachy all day, but that may have more to do with 3 days at Saanich Fair than any change in diet, but perhaps a little to do with lack of caffeine. I usually have green tea at breakfast. Only occasionally do I drink black tea, and rarely coffee as it just doesn’t suit me.

I also picked up some red lentils from Saanichton Farm.  They will make great soups.

Red lentils from Saanichton Farm
Red lentils from Saanichton Farm


I’m going camping this weekend on Salt Spring Island.  For the meals in the campsite, I will be bringing food from home.  But Saturday I plan to visit the farmer’s market and will get lunch there.   That way I will be eating local to where I am located. I love the market over there – such an abundance of beautiful foods.  I’ll stop at other farm stands and see what other treasures I can find.

Now that I am a couple of days into this plan of mine, I am feeling more organised and realise that I just need to have done more planning ahead for lunches at work next week. This might be a bit challenging after camping for the weekend.  Left over soups would be great.  I could do corn on the cob again as well.

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