First Week Over

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This week has been challenging in some ways and good in others.  I chose September as a good month to do this as Fairs (theoretically) would be over and I would be at home more.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I’m still spending a lot of time out and about.

Camping at Ruckle
Camping at Ruckle

Camping on Salt Spring Island at Ruckle Park was beautiful as always.  Friday was super easy as I had brought all the food we needed from home.  Saturday I had breakfast at the campsite and then went to the Farmer’s Market in Ganges for lunch.  That was actually more challenging than I had thought it would be.  There are lots of beautiful fruits and vegetables, but little that you can have as a local meal.  I ended up with a gluten-free quiche with roasted vegetables which was very good, a pint of strawberries and a bag of kale chips.  It was very good, but I’m sure the gluten free flour for the quiche was not local.  Hopefully the eggs and veggies were.  It’s something for those who provide foods at farmer’s markets to think about… providing a totally local meal.

On Sunday my husband was doing a shearing demonstration at Metchosin Day and we ended up having both lunch and dinner there.  I had lunch from Dead Beetz food truck.  I had a delicious burger made from local beef and local veggies, with fries made from potatoes and beets (I didn’t eat the bun).  We bought tickets for the lamb and salmon BBQ dinner.  It was amazing, so well organized and everything was delicious.  The lamb was from Parry Bay farm, salmon from the ocean (I’m assuming close by), corn on the cob, tomatoes with basil, coleslaw, and buns which I didn’t eat.  There was watermelon for dessert and I’m not sure where that came from, but there are local growers of melons, so perhaps???

Roasting lamb
Roasting lamb
bbq salmon
Salmon ready for BBQ


My biggest challenge seems to be lunch.  It is easy to get salad greens but typically I would top it with some deli meat and dressings are a challenge, without using oil.  If I’ve had any leftover meat from dinners, it is gone very quickly.  Soups are great, but I’ve been out and about so much that I haven’t had a chance to get some more made and in the freezer.  I did make lentil soup one night, but unfortunately there wasn’t any left over.  I need to do more planning ahead for lunches.

On Wednesday, I ended up having to purchase lunch while I was out.  I had planned to cook something, but my plans suddenly changed and I had to go to town prior to my blood donation appointment, which left me with no time to make a lunch and it being important to eat properly.  I bought a chicken leg and salad from the self-serve salad bar at the grocery store.  All of the ingredients could have been local, but may well have not been.  I did take a couple of local apples with me to eat after I donated blood.

This weekend I am going to be working in the kitchen providing lunches for the Vancouver Island Homesteading Fair at Cobble Hill Fair grounds.  The Cowichan Green Community is making the soups from local veggies, so that should be excellent.  We are also doing egg sandwiches from the eggs I sell for Thornhill Farm.  So that should be easy.

I just need to find some time to get prepared for next week!!

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