Tomatoes Compliments of the Library!

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My tomatoes are producing like crazy!  The difference between a homegrown tomato and one from a grocery shop which has ripened off the plant is enormous.   We eat lots raw, make salsa and spaghetti sauce, and just put away a lot to use in the winter.

Tomato Jungle
Tomato Jungle

I have quite a few varieties this year.  Some I traded for, some I got from my husband’s floral business, and most I started from seeds.   I’ve probably got about 80 plants.

I started these Stupice tomatoes from seeds which I “checked out” from the Library.

Just Transplanted

The Greater Victoria Public Library in conjunction with an organization called Lifecycles has created the Victoria Seed Library.  You can become a member by attending a one and a half hour workshop on the program and seed saving.

From the website (see link) “The Victoria Seed Library offers free access to seeds and seed saving education. Our goal is to support local food security and steward our region’s biodiversity. Locally-raised seeds are more resilient and better adapted to our soil and microclimate.”

You are allowed six different types of seeds.  I checked out Stupice and Jaune Flame tomatoes, as well as some beans, peas, peppers and cilantro.

Both of these varieties are producing extremely well.  The only downside is that I’m running out of canning jars!

Salsa and Spaghetti Sauce
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