Medicinal Herb Growing Workshop

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I took a very interesting workshop this week with Jessy of Ravenhill Seeds/Fireweed Farm (see the link below).  I’ve taken workshops with Jessy before and have always had a good time and learned a lot.  This workshop was focused on the growing of medicinal herbs.  We had a tour of her farm and saw all the different herbs that she is growing.  We also discussed various techniques used for propagating perennial herbs. We got a chance to propagate some herbs by taking cuttings.   I chose wormwood, sage, figwort, skullcap, mint, southern wood, pennyroyal and wild bergamot.


We cut tips from a variety of herbs about 3-4 inches long.  Then taking a sharp knife removed the lower two leaves and cut the stem just below a leaf node.  We then dipped the stem in hormone rooting powder, made a small hole in the soil and inserted the cutting.  Of course we labelled the cuttings, I’m sure I wouldn’t remember which was which for some of the more similar ones.  They are now in my greenhouse and most of them looked quite good today, only a couple looking wilted still.  Now I’ve got to try and be patient for a couple of weeks to see if they have grown roots.  Once they have roots then I can transplant them into bigger pots.

A Variety of Herbal Cuttings

We also were given some seeds to start.  I chose Meadow Arnica (Arnica chamissonis).

Of course I also came home with some herbs which I couldn’t resist buying – Wood Betony, Clary Sage and an Indigo plant which I hope I will be able to use for dyeing wool.

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  1. Sounds interesting! I know most of these herbs but not Indigo, wood betony or meadow arnica. I once had a fairly good sized herb garden and took cuttings from the sage annually for about 5 years. I should get back to that – sage is sooo good with pork :). Mint self seeds and creeps so successfully I’ve never bothered…

    • I’ve already got quite a few of those that we took cuttings from, I’m waiting to see how well I did – if they will take root.

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